Consumers are 90% more likely to remember a brand when they encounter it in person.

Turning encounters into connections

A real life encounter with a brand is no doubt powerful, however we take this one step further, by creating lasting connections which drive long-term brand affinity.

One-off events may generate buzz, however a full 360 approach is what creates real impact. The more opportunities people have to become immersed in a brand by seeing it, hearing it and touching it, the better.

This is why Hyphen focuses on delivering the ‘experi-sense,’ by crafting moments which engage all five senses to create truly memorable interactions.

Our focus is on leveraging data-driven strategic insight to form authentic connections across multiple unforgettable experiences, all of which deliver maximum results. We advocate for continuing the momentum well beyond a single event, because no experience should end with a full stop.

Face to face engagements

There's nothing quite like a real, live experience, and it’s why we humans crave face-to-face engagements.

of Generations X, Y and Z say that offline experiences are more impactful, enjoyable and memorable than their virtual counterparts.

Creativity x (Data + Insight]

The way we do it

Everything we do is underpinned by strategic insight, and this is what sets us apart. 

Our in-house insights team is the first port of call for every project. They specialise in wrangling the data to obtain a deep understanding of who a brand’s target audience is, and then dig a little deeper to uncover unique, granular information about them. This enables us to determine where they are, what they like and dislike, and the right times and methods in which to connect with them.

Armed with these impactful insights, our creative team gets to work. They brainstorm a varied range of ideas, measuring each against our agency G.O.A.L.S mantra to identify if they will achieve the level of audience engagement a brand deserves.

Once our creatives have pinpointed the perfect strategically-led idea, we bring this to life in a live environment, managing every aspect of the pre-production and delivery process.

After we launch a campaign to market, we continually analyse it in order to measure and understand its success. In those instances where sales data isn’t available, we employ our pioneering measurement tool, Brand Affinity Measure. This allows us to gather actionable information about consumer advocacy, so we can determine both how and if the campaign has increased brand affinity with regards to relevancy, association, accessibility, value and expectation.


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Brand experience
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Retail experience
41% of marketers believe that events are the single most effective channel for driving consumer engagement.

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